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Kopitiam Tea Towel

Kopitiam Tea Towel

In Textile Design terms, our products are in a category called “Conversational Textiles”.
And that’s exactly what they are —
Textiles that get you talking, telling stories of Singapore.

Have you ever been to a Kopitiam (traditional coffee shop) in Singapore and heard strange phrases being shouted out like “Kopi O” and “teh C Kosong”? Learn the lingo and order drinks like a true blue Singaporean with our handy Kopitiam Beverage Terms tea towel.


  • 40x60 cm
  • 100% Cotton
  • Digitally printed


How To Use

Hang on your oven railing
Use as a tray cloth for your tea set
Wrap your hot toast, muffins and eggs to keep warm
Dry your dishes

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