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Marine Garden - Ichendorf Milano (Italy)

Marine Garden - Ichendorf Milano (Italy)

Marine Garden, designed by Alessandra Baldereschi for Ichendorf Milano (Italy), is a collection of glassware inspired by the world of the sea. The tumblers are ideal for serving water and drinks, and each has a different-coloured glass sea creature positioned inside: green seahorse, amber sardine, and green sardine. Each piece of the Marine Garden collection is unique and perfect for bringing joy to the table on every occasion.

NOTE: Dishwasher safe at low temperatures (40 °C/104 °F recommended)

MATERIAL: Handmade and lampworked borosilicate glass

DIMENSIONS: D 8.5 cm x H 8 cm (0.5L)

DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: Ichendorf Milano (Italy) , Alessandra Baldereschi



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