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Classic Linen Short Sleeves Shirt in Oat

Classic Linen Short Sleeves Shirt in Oat

You all asked for it, so here she is—our Summery Classic Linen Short Sleeve Shirt!

We've crafted a piece that complements those who adore coordinated sets but desire a shorter sleeve for versatility and comfort. Perfect for layering over a singlet and leaving unbuttoned for a carefree vibe, or pairing with our linen lounge pants or matching shorts for the ultimate vacation ensemble.

Crafted from 100% linen, this shirt offers exceptional comfort and breathability, making it ideal for both balmy days and warm evenings. The short-sleeve style maintains a chic yet casual look, suitable for any setting. With its oversized design, the shirt embraces a relaxed and effortless silhouette that flatters every body type.

Details You’ll Love:

  • Material: 100% linen, ensuring breathability and supreme comfort.
  • Short Sleeve Style: Perfect for warmer climates or layering options, offering both comfort and elegance.
  • Oversized Fit: Creates a relaxed, effortless silhouette that speaks of casual elegance.
  • Shell Button Detail: Adds a touch of classic charm and versatility, enhancing the shirt’s aesthetic appeal.
  • Not Sheer: Meticulously designed with a fabric density that guarantees privacy and ease of wear, giving you confidence no matter the occasion.



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