Collection: Lamps

Crafted with care from the finest natural materials, our lamps are not just illuminaries; they are a testament to the skilled hands of local Indonesian artisans. Each piece, primarily fashioned from the ethereal capiz shells, embodies the spirit of traditional production techniques honed over generations.

Our aim is to infuse your living space with a warm glow and a serene ambiance, reminiscent of an idyllic island getaway, making every day feel like a dreamy holiday. Beyond illumination, these exquisite hand-made lamps celebrate and uplift the rich tapestry of local Indonesian craftsmanship.

By choosing our products, you’re not just enhancing your home—you’re supporting a noble cause. Our project champions the local artisans, ensuring that they, along with their workers and producers, receive a fair living wage. It’s our way of lighting up lives, both within your home and in the communities that bring these beautiful creations to life.